Does Social media empower or enslave us?

During the last ten years, technology has been developed to the point that, nowadays it is almost imperative to live with it. Thanks to these new technologies, many things have been developed, one of them are the social medias that allow people to be always connected thanks to the use of these devices.

That leads us to ask ourselves: what are the effects of these social medias on society ?Is social media always an advantage?

Of course, the implementation of these new type of communication gives us more choices and other ways more useful and effective than the traditional communication. You can communicate with everyone no matter the distance or the moment. It could be useful in the professional field too. It allows to be always updated on your own points of interest and to participate at events that are realized thanks to the sharing of these common interests on social media. As we said in class, it enables communicating in real time, and also giving importance on solidarity events or reducing pollution in favor of sustainable development.

All these things are very good at first site, but in reality there is lot of side effects that could affect us very negatively.

The first point is that when you share your personal information, this data is going to be recollected by companies and studied in order to manipulate your perception. This represent a problem of security, but also an ethic problem. As Dr. Call Newport says, all these Social Media App are products that are trying to make the process addictive. And they do it. Soon people will become more and more dependent on their technological devices thinking that they can only get good things from it.

In addition, there is a tendency to show that you are always happy in front of Social Media, so you are not reflecting how you are in reality. This tendency leads to establish life models and rules that can be source of depressions and marginalization for others. The majority of people want to show how they want to be or they have to be, instead of showing what they really think. And they do it for themselves even if they are thinking that they are sharing it with other people. I think that the more you want to be present on social media, the more that you will be alone. The Social Media can empower us, but there is a big danger behind it.

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