Social Media andPolitics

Today I will be discussing how social media has affected politics. Social media has changed the way campaigns are run and how Americans interact with government officials. Over the past couple of weeks I’m sure you’ve seen “go vote” all over your social media. This effects how many people vote because so many people use social media. Social media has completely changed how politics are looked at in our world.

This is a tweet that was posted about ending the violence against woman in politics. In this tweet they say how the woman in politics want to use social media companies to end online violence against woman. This is important because more woman are being elected into politics but being belittled even though they rightfully earned their spot. They want to use social media companies to “fix the glitch”.

This is an article that was written about how social media has changed politics. And this article they list 10 different ways in which social media has affected politics. There are some points made in this article that are crazy to learn about it's a great read on the topic I chose.

This article is written about how President Trump said he would work with Democrats to regulate social media companies. Donald Trump knows better than any president how social media is important. He uses twitter all the time to tweet his opinions and views.

This was an article posted about Instagram. Instagram used a new feature to let you post a story saying, “I voted”. This feature makes other people want to vote and post their own story. They also had a “voted” highlight on every single person’s Instagram to view.

This is an image that Demi Lovato posted on her Instagram. It shows her voting which also persuades others to vote. It also brings attention to the fact that politics are being used to heavily on social media. Social media basically runs our world so politics best chance of being seen is on social media.

This is a video made by attn: of Barack Obama. In this video former President Obama lists all the reasons why people make excuses for not voting. He also tells you why those excuses aren’t true or legitimate. In this video he is telling us all to go vote.

This is an article that was actually written on Medium. This article discusses the policy on Facebook ads with political content. It’s important to know what is being pushed at you through advertising on Facebook.

In conclusion, there are so many posts, pictures, videos, and articles written about politics in social media. It is absolutely insane to me how much social media has taken over our entire world. The way I know about politics is normally through social media. Our representatives even use twitter to discuss their views and opinions happening right now. It is important to know how social media is pushing us certain ways when it comes to politics. We want to make sure we form our own opinions and don’t get lost in what’s being thrown in our faces. Social media plays a major effects in politics.