Sha’an d’Anthes

Today I woke up and warmed up my heart

What I have is so big

That has already been lost,

I think there’s nothing

But love is the most.


I barely know how to rhyme,

I barely know that life strings

As an instrument

When I consent

And my spirit lives.


Today I felt so confused

I felt everything was ruined

That I have to force myself to stay.

But, to recognize weakness,

Is to embrace yourself.


I feel this warmth,

As I empty my mind,

As I swim according to the tide.


It’s not defeat:

It’s to hear your heart

A little bit.


It’s time to stop

And finally understand.

It’s time to write

Until the very end.


I’ve been underwater

Without seeing properly,

Reality was stolen

From me.


Who is the one to blame?

There’s no one to name.


Life is to be built

Not to be guilted;

Life is too short

But it’s not limited.


And then I remember

Something I’ve read,

Perhaps, happiness:



*Neologism by Paulo Leminski