Riding around with the windows down…

One of Mom’s favorite things to do was riding around with the windows down, hair blowing in the breeze, with no particular place to go. I think this was instinctive for her as a way for her to gather her thoughts and think things through, and to just get away from…everything.

We often just went for a ride…for hours…music blasting, when Mom had things to think through or just wanted some freedom. We would often sing along to the songs, and Mom had this waving hand gesture that she would always do as we rode around, as if she was waving her hand along with the music. (I catch myself doing this now, so I guess I innately picked this up from her).

We would turn up random roads to see where they would led…she was fearless that way. One day, we ended up on a narrow mountain road in the wilderness of West Virginia. High on the top of a mountain, and the road just ended. We were in a Blazer that belonged to Ben, she looked at 8-year-old me with a look of “what do we do now?”

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