• Andrew Hearst

    Andrew Hearst

    Digital editor, content strategist, design aficionado. Currently freelance. Formerly: Blue State Digital, Vanity Fair, Lingua Franca.

  • Amanda Stephano

    Amanda Stephano

    Equal parts design, fashion, and music, shaken, on the rocks, with a splash of geek.

  • Taylor Lehman

    Taylor Lehman

    Senior PM, Operating Systems Group, Microsoft

  • Jon Myers ✈

    Jon Myers ✈

    Co-Founder of Power.Trade - Follow me on Twitter — @jonmyers

  • Tishon Woolcock

    Tishon Woolcock

    Writer. Designer. Front-end Developer.

  • Tom Greever

    Tom Greever

    UX & Design Leader, Author of Articulating Design Decisions — http://tomgreever.com

  • Brian Durkin

    Brian Durkin

    I am a #UX designer. All views are NOT my own, I regurgitate thoughts and ideas from history and the collective subconscious. My art is mine.

  • William M White

    William M White

    Enabling the attention economy @fluence_app. Co-Founder/CTO, https://fluence.io

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