Some things are worth being remembered for

An attempt to an advent collection. Advent day 3

What are the things we remember at the end of someone’s life? What are the things we’d like to be remembered by?

Creativity and luxurious beauty flowing from it

Upholding the cause of the oppressed

Giving food to those who don’t have the luck to have it

Fighting for unjust situations in front of us

Restoring the health of people as a good doctor

Giving dignity to the beaten and battered of society

Volunteering to care for the widowed, the elderly and those left without parents

Advocating for social justice

Comforting people around you even when there are others who could do it

Being generous in tipping the waitress whom, without you knowing, is on her second job of the day to amount to paying for her studies or family needs

Stopping your busy agenda to show compassion to a hurting passer by

Always keeping up with the promised

Not cheating even when everybody does it

Giving away all that you can live without

All of the above?

This is the person we are celebrating with the 25th of December. (See readings of the Bible for 3rd of Dec 2017)

When I was younger, I used to play a strategy game called age of mythology. The little people needed to come to the temple and bow down praying for a certain period of time so they could collect benefits they could use from it, and appease the divinities.

Some of my friends use to say God was either a narcissistic egocentric dude or, they didn’t know why He asked us to give Him glory*, to adore** Him. Maybe they had an idea a bit like the age of mythology game. I don’t blame them. Many spiritual traditions have done a poor job in engaging and dialoguing with the world around them in a way that doesn’t require a dialect of it’s own, or don’t involve some sort of over spiritualist vibe to things (possibly, both, among other issues).

But today I was thinking it’s pretty cool God wants our lives to be marked by all those great traits on the initial bucket list*, as well as in awe when we recognise them streaming from elsewhere**

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