The serious relationship with my hair

My relationship with my hair started in 2008 when I created a MySpace account. I used to like a kind of music and who shared the same taste used to have different kind of hair. Some girls used to have platinum blonde, black hair but with many other colors also like pink, blue or green.

Anyone remember the scene kids or scene queen’s phase?

I started dying my hair pink, blue and purple and used to felt like the most “stylish” person of my school. But the relationship started to get serious when I created a Tumblr account. I found this girl that used to share about her life online and had a beautiful platinum blonde hair and that moment I decided that I also wanted to be a blonde girl who lived in London.

At 16 years old i went to a cosmetic store and bought everything that was necessary to make me blonde. It worked very well at first time. I was blonde and feeling beautiful. At school, the reactions were the best, I was in high school and was the only girl with platinum hair. Some people made fun of me, ‘cause the color didn’t suit my skin color, but I didn’t care, they were wrong, I was feeling awesome.

But my platinum blonde didn’t last. I didn’t take care so it’s started to fell. Yeap…chemical cut. I decided to change the color again but I didn’t want to be brunette again, so I dyed my hair red.

My attempt to be red head failed at the first time, because my hair was so white then when I dyed my hair red it turned out PINK and fell even more and I had to cut my hair very short. I felt very insecure, my self esteem was low, I thought nobody would like me, because my personality was in my hair, which I didn’t have any more.

I remembered that time I decided to reinvent myself. I started look for inspirations in the 60’s to feel more secure, more beautiful and to stop crying all the time. Tumblr helped me a lot. I used to receive messages saying my hair was beautiful and shared my photos. Little by little I felt more confident and felt more comfortable to look at my hair in the mirror again.

After months of insecurities and tears my hair recovered. In the end of 2011, my hair was big enough get a nice cut and let him grow normally.

After graduate in high school I moved to England but not necessarily to London and I wasn’t blonde but red head. I stopped straightening my hair and let my curly hair showed up. But I still had the thought that my hair was the only thing that made me beautiful, interesting and different from the rest.

And that was only the beginning of my problems.

To be continued…