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Taking an Initiative to COVID-19

Gabi Solutions
Mar 25 · 4 min read

Learn how Gabi Solutions® and Complete Document Solutions — Xerox® have come together in response to the current pandemic affecting the U.S.

FAIRFIELD, NJ — Gabi Solutions, Inc. (“Gabi”) and Complete Document Solutions (“CDS”) have a unique and critical responsibility in pandemic preparedness and response with the most urgent priority highlighting the safety of our customers and their workforce.

Since the initial COVID-19 outbreak, we have prepared our Gabi Touchless Technology Platform to ensure that workers across the globe are able to interface with their office multifunction printers (MFP) in a manner that is safe, secure and accessible. Gabi’s patented technology minimizes COVID-19 risk by allowing employees to control office equipment with no physical contact and while keeping a focus on data security.

With our Xerox® global reseller agreement, Gabi Solutions and CDS ensure that our products are being deployed to support the COVID-19 response in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other parts of the world. We have already started receiving requests from Xerox® customers abroad seeking to enhance their existing equipment with our no touch solutions from Gabi Voice to Gabi Gov. We want our customers to resume operations safely.

“We’re at our best as a society when we come together around the common goal of ensuring the safety of people,” said Luis J. Diaz, Managing Principal of Gabi Solutions.

In the brave new world of pandemics, Gabi’s Touchless Technology Platform is cyber-secure and helps mitigate virus transmission by eliminating billions of daily touches to office equipment that is Gabi-enabled. We want people to know that Gabi, CDS and Xerox® are doing all that we can to meet the demands of this extraordinary time and get solutions that ensure the safety of workers when they return to their offices in the coming weeks and months. We are ready to expedite shipments across the country.

While Gabi Solutions and CDS are currently operating at maximum capacity, we will be going to the capital markets to help expand our global capacity even more. We plan to substantially increase our capacity in 2020.

“We will see this through together. CDS will continue to work with Gabi Solutions to continue to do all we can to help protect the lives of our customers and their employees, including our own,” added John Hand, CEO of Complete Document Solutions.

Gabi, CDS and Xerox® are working proactively and are well-prepared to help protect our customer’s employees, ensure business continuity, and sustain our operations. Our crisis response team is overseeing all aspects of our strategies, and we are collaborating with our business partners across industries to prepare for any and all scenarios that may unfold.

Our Solutions

In an effort to eliminate the challenges faced by users needing to constantly navigate to their MFP of choice, Gabi Solutions created a fully operational mobile solution flawlessly executing any or all commands your MFP has to offer in Gabi Go for your Apple iOS and Android smartphone device.

For further detail, please visit CLICK HERE.

Gabi Voice is our touchless, voice-to-command solution allowing your workforce to activate every corner of the MFP from Machine Status to Secure Print in seconds all while keeping your data secure at all times in a cloud-based, blockchain technology.

For further information, please CLICK HERE.

Similar to Gabi Voice, Gabi Gov is our touchless, voice-to-command solution allowing your workforce to activate every corner of the MFP from Machine Status to Secure Print in seconds all while keeping your data secure at all times through an on-premise server versus its sister product’s cloud based platform in Voice.

For further information, please CLICK HERE.

About Us

Global Artificial Business Intelligence Solutions, Inc. (Gabi) is a leading provider in leveraging cybersecurity and technological services to all industries while being fully customizable creating a future-proof platform.

We embrace the challenge in making your workforce and data safe and secure through all outside threats while enhancing the users’ accessibility and touchless capabilities with a controlled, voice-to-command solution being a normality in the everyday workplace.

Learn more by visiting us at and follow below.

About Complete Document Solutions — Xerox

CDS is your Premier Technology Provider proudly serving our customers and local communities Since 1996. We service the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic locally, with Nationwide and Global Support through our Industry Leading Partners.

For more information, please visit

Gabi Solutions

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Global Artificial Business Intelligence

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