The Difference Between Being Burned Out & Being Lazy
Niklas Göke

Thanks man! I’m in this situation right now. Got out of a freelance job in a extremely burned out mode in february.. had about one week to rest a bit and meet old friends, then staterd another 2 week freelance job, that turned out to be 3 weeks, went to a cousisn weeding at a nother city and right after it got to help another cousin with her graduation documentary, in a crazy short deadline, plus doing thins for a blog I run with friends… all of this also taking traditional animation classes once a week, and spending more than 16 hour every week in the exercizes for it… and finally got back to the gym and then got another freelance job that was supposed to be done in 3 weeks, but they only sent me the material to work on week later, while my deadline is still the same as before… i’ve been working like crazy since last week to be able to make it on time, and also not stopping my animation classes and going to the gym at least twice a week.. and next week I will begin too work at a tv channel, while probably will still have fixes to do in the last freelance job…

I was feeling very lazy but guess I’m in the burned out state, even though I still feel lazy sometimes. So many things to master to become good enough professionally and financialy independent from my family…!

I can’t really recall taking a long vacation time since 2015, only sometimes one week beteewn jobs where I got to put my sleep hour in order and go after personal things I left behind ( like going to the dentist, solving bank issues, fixing the car etc)

I believe what you wrote is very true. Hope I can really take a longer time to rest, travel, and do things I like without having to do it because of other reason than wanting do create something/have fun.

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