Al buen entendedor pocas palabras.

Hace algunos meses esta circulando el país publicidad sobre una criptomoneda llamada CRCoin, quienes se hacen pasar por organizadores Blockchain CR. Esto es completamente falso.

En el 2017, Uriel Herrara, Walter Montes y mi persona creamos la comunidad Blockchain Costa Rica ( con el objetivo de conectar y unir los diferentes actores y promover el desarrollo en blockchain en Costa Rica. Un año después se creo La Asociación Blockchain de Costa Rica ( Las personas detrás de CRCoin no forman parte de ninguna de estas iniciativas. Dejo aquí más muestras del plagiarismo.

The first international crypto and blockchain conference in Costa Rica took place on February 2nd 2019. The event was co-organized by local blockchain organizations, communities and companies and it was the first of it’s kind in Central America.

The conference gathered more than 150 people that participated on the business…

EOSurf is aims to connect like-minded entrepreneurs and developers working on decentralized applications on the EOSIO platform. It’s for people and teams looking for fun adventures and a balanced lifestyle while developing ideas and learning from each other. …

London Room, Central Pub

BlockchainCR is excited to announce the launch of Costa Rica’s Crypto Cantina, a recurring after office happy hour event happening every Thursday starting at 6pm at the Central Pub in Paseo Colón, starting on September 27th, 2018.

It aims to bring together the people excited about blockchain, cryptography and cryptocurrency in Costa Rica, connecting people of all backgrounds and foster a forward-thinking community around blockchain and distributed consensus technologies.

It’s open to everyone are there’s no need to make a reservation or let anyone know you are attending. There are no slides or talks, just people.

Don’t waste time in traffic jams on Thursdays and step by to say hi!

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