TicoBlockchain 2019 Recap

The first international crypto and blockchain conference in Costa Rica took place on February 2nd 2019. The event was co-organized by local blockchain organizations, communities and companies and it was the first of it’s kind in Central America.

The conference gathered more than 150 people that participated on the business and technology tracks that included several technologies, business and legal topics.

EOS Costa Rica gave 2 talks on EOSIO software and the benefits of open source development, as well as a workshop on EOSIO smart contract development.

Blockchain 3.0 by Xavier Fernández, Co-Founder EOS Costa Rica
EOSIO Dev Workshop by Gabo Esquivel, Software Engineer

EOS Costa Rica participation on the event adds to the continuous efforts and activities to educate developers, business people, regulators and end users on the capabilities of the EOSIO software and the new decentralized business models.

EOS Costa Rica Dev Team and Couple Friends

After Conf we had our first official EOSurf trip to playa Santa Teresa with the BeSpiral team from Brazil. See the full recapitulation here: https://medium.com/@gaboesquivel/eosurf-1-at-playa-santa-teresa-4f99d6491895

About the Author:

Software engineer and founder of The Pura Vida DAC. I believe that blockchain will have a cornerstone role in our society.


About EOS Costa Rica:

EOS Costa Rica is an independently-owned, self-funded, bare-metal genesis block producer that provides stable and secure infrastructure for EOSIO blockchains. EOS Costa Rica supports open source software projects while offering enterprise solutions and custom smart contract development services.




Blockchain, DevOps, JavaScript - https://gaboesquivel.com

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