That Is Not Your Job

Gabriel OMIN
May 20, 2017 · 4 min read

Scene 1

Coming To America. Remember the movie ? A young prince needed a bride. He wanted his own bride and not the one tradition suggested to him. Hence he took matters into his hands and went in search of his bride. He knew his bride may not be accepted but he had to at least try to challenge the status quo. His mother puts in a good word for him to the king. The king saw reason why the tradition had to be changed. At the end the young prince married his bride. All this happened because the young prince did his job.

Scene 2

“Dad, how was the football game ?” My son hollered upon noticing my entry into the house. “It was fine” I responded. “Did you score a goal ?” He inquired. “No” was my response and then I braced myself for the question that completes the troika of inquisition which I dread. “Did your leg touch the ball throughout the game ?” “Yes it did. And that happened uncountable times”. In disbelief he says “ok” and walks away.

My son does to me what every other person has done to me in my years of playing football. Every time I appear in a football field for the first time to play with a set of people, I am always the last to be chosen. Given the fact that I do not have the physique and gait of a soccer player, it is very easy to be overlooked. But after playing for the first time, I am always chosen to play the next time. Does not been chosen to play at the first instance deter me from showing up ? Nope. I do my job.

My job and that of Akeem in “Coming To America” is to show up. Nothing more. Nothing less. Do what you really want to do and let not the situation or past occurrence dictate your move. Don’t be scared by the presence of the numero uno in that field. Put in your best. That is your job. Your job is to try to put your leg into the front door. That which is not your job is to be petrified by whatsoever and count yourself out.

Chances don’t approach you, it’s you who approach chances. Toba Beta

Serendipity comes when you are trying. You have to be in the game to have a chance. Luck only favours those already in the game. In other words, you have to be in the game, to be lucky. When you are monumentally pre-occupied with your weaknesses, you are bound to count yourself out. Your psyche creates a back door for you to exit without anyone recommending that for you. You talk yourself out of it. “How can I compete with Mozart ?” you tell yourself. “What was I thinking”. You lose in the battle of the inner dialogue. Then you approach the backdoor and excuse yourself.

Every other person has those weakness but they move on DESPITE THE FACTS. One of my college roommates told me that success is getting things done despite the facts. So despite the facts, count yourself in. Do your job!

Do not count yourself out. That is not your job. Someone is paid to count you out; give the person that job to do. So get back to your job. And what is that ? Give yourself a chance. Challenge the status quo. Oh, they say someone of your type cannot be included in the programme because of x,y,z. Give them reasons why they will miss out if they don’t include you. That is your job. Do it.

If there is an advert and you seem not to qualify. Tell them what you’ve got and then…some more. I have applied for things that on the surface I did not have what was required but I told the guys I have this and that. Guess what, they allowed me through the gate.

I have been told in a couple of things that I wanted (later on) that the rules were changed because of my request. Since they wanted someone like me, they had to open the doors for fellas like me. I have been in places where the best did not show up and the guys / ladies who had the faith to show got the opportunity. They gave themselves a chance. That is their job. They did their job.

Never ever count yourself out. Someone is paid to do that. I have said that twice. You see, you are not paid to count yourself out. Don’t make the gate keeper’s life easy.

Let’s recap. Do your job. Counting yourself out is not your job. If you want a thing bad enough then go for it. In the words of Akeem’s mother in movie Coming To America, “If you love her, then go for her”. QED.


Gabriel OMIN

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Family Conscious. Eclectic Mind. Faith Inspired. Personal Finance. Biz Consulting. Entrepreneurship

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