The NFL`s deal with Snapchat and what means to the Future of Social Media

Last time I was writing about the power behind this super powerful idea that brought Snapchat with the 10-second video.

Now as keeping the company fresh and moving forward, they released the charge for replay. Although it is a strategic move to keep the users engaged, might be or not a huge revenue stream.

Snapchat keeps growing and yet people still do not understand the rise has taken and what that means for the whole ecosystem of Social Media.

Snapchat discover is like Newsfeed from Facebook

The great with this tool within Snapchat is that provides a lot of good content.

And as you already know, high-quality content is key to every company, brand or person who wants to spread a message, increase their audience and ultimately build several revenue streams.

Many brands and media company are getting deals and partnerships with Snapchat which involves official content on its delivery platform.

Of course will be ads, but the good news for the user is they can find good content in it as well.


Unlike other partnerships, the NFL`s deal regarding content distribution won`t be in the “Discover” platform, but will be part of Snapchat`s “Live Stories” feature.

With this feature user will be able to share their own videos and photos and share them with other users, generating massive amounts of mobile viewership.

According to the release, live stories will be curated by Snapchat capturing the excitement of NFL events, fans interview, players and behind the scenes videos. Will be original content and sent from the NFL fans.

This is going to be huge!

The League and Snapchat will provide brands to advertise within a live story and share the ad revenue. Just imagine with billions (yes with b) of view per day what brands are going to be able to create.

NFL trough different platforms

Not only the league is partnering with Snapchat, they are also extending their deal with Twitter which includes game highlight videos and promoted tweets, with Snapchat is more curated info about the league, behind the scenes and content sent through the fans.

Facebook also will provide video highlights from the games as well as Youtube.

Snapchat is on its clear way to perhaps an IPO. Meanwhile, the tech giant Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat at a price of $ 3 billion.

Now the company is valued around $ 15 billion and got from the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba a $ 200 million cash injection.

Check out this video talking about the Alibaba`s investment.

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