Go home app, You’re drunk. 

Getting Drunk With Your Interface.

This past Friday night after a fair amount of bar hopping with friends I took notice that a handful of folks were struggling with their phones trying to summon a taxi. After their rides did eventually arrive (two Über and one Lyft) I was standing there chuckling to myself thinking,

Given the services they provide I wonder if being drunk is ever factored into their user testing?

Needless to say I have been hung up on this idea for a few days now. In the past when working through prototypes I’ve often tried various methods to remove myself from the experience. Some of these have included engaging in a conversation, running up and down stairs and even listening to some killer jams all while testing. However, all this was done with a clear and sharp mind. There is value in “dumbing” ourselves down just a bit to help further enhance an experience. At least it would be fun to try, am I right?

More times than not the folks who end up using our interfaces are not in the ideal situation. They are not sitting feet up in a whiteboard room, they are on the move. They are not completely focused, they are distracted and maybe even partying with their friends. Before that next sprint I may try putting down the dry erase marker and have a drink with my interface, bond with it man.

I am planing to follow up with a case study in the near future ;)

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