How to use Unbabel for Zendesk (updated instructions)

Translating your website is a first step towards expanding into international markets. But once you get those customers from different countries, there is one thing that will be necessary to keep them happy and satisfied with your service — answering their questions in the language that they navigate your website in. While localizing your website content it’s not easy itself, contacting your customers in their native languages may seem like even more of a challenge. If your website has 20 different language versions, do you need to hire twenty different customer service agents to answer your customer’s requests? You can, but you can also make your agents multilingual in just five minutes.

With Unbabel you can translate your customer tickets easily and fast. It’s just few easy steps, so if you’re using Zendesk for your Customer Service, you should definitely try it out. If you need to translate large amounts of tickets every month, you can choose one of our subscription plans. Not sure how our pricing works? Don’t worry, just hop on a call with our team. We will help you figure out which plan suits your needs. When your Unbabel account is all set up, just download the Unbabel for Zendesk app from the Zendesk apps marketplace.

Now, whenever you’re working on a customer ticket, you’ll see the Unbabel app on the right side of your screen.

So let’s start Unbabeling some tickets.

After you opened a ticket in foreign language, click “Enable translation for this ticket” on the Unbabel app. Choose the language you’re going to use to respond and click “Unbabel this ticket”. As a result, you’ll instantly get a machine translation of your customer’s request. Before you couldn’t understand it, now you can! Usually that’s enough to understand the customer’s request, but if the auto-translated text is not clear enough, you can always click on the “I can’t understand the translation” button and request and actual human translation of the text. The machine translation step is free — we will only charge you for messages translated by our community of editors.

Write your reply in your own language as an internal note, under #unbabel. Any information that you don’t want translated, or things like passwords, personal information, credit card numbers, can be hidden from our translators, just surround the text like this: <<<this text will not be translated>>>. When your message is ready, submit it as you normally would. You can close the case, leave it open, put it on-hold, do whatever you would normally. You don’t have to wait for translation to be ready, or come back to the ticket — Unbabel will deliver it straight to your customer as a public reply. From the customer’s point of view, you wrote the answer, they won’t even know there as a translation step in between. And if you’re wondering how long the translation will take, Unbabel translates answers in as little as 20 minutes!

It’s just few extra clicks, but it makes a huge difference to your customer. Whenever your translation is ready, you’ll see it as a public reply in your Zendesk Dashboard.

Unbabel’s Zendesk integration is an easy solution for creating multilingual customer support team in just few minutes. With no extra hires and copy-pasting machine translated texts. 74% of customers are more likely to purchase the same brand again, if the after-sales care is in their language. Providing your customers with support in their native language will help you give them the best experience possible.