Quick layover @ Amsterdam, NL

The month of May was difficult but the last 2 weeks were the worst: lots to do at IBM Mexico, lots of studying to do before arriving in Kenya, anxiety, vaccines, an unexpected injury (a thumb splint), packing, shopping and I don’t know what else! That being said you can imagine how tired I was (physically and mentally) by the time I got on that 10-hour flight from Mexico to Amsterdam. Luckly that didn’t stop me from wanting to get out there and experience this amazing city, even if it was just for a few hours.

Best vegan burger ever!

After meeting Arianna (who flew in from Peru) at the airport, we toke a train to the Central Station and went to a bar in Amsterdam called Bar Mick. Best vegan burger ever! Oh, great beer too! After spending a pleasent couple of hours there we headed back to Schiphol just in time for our flight to Nairobi.

Couldn’t sleep that night. I was too anxious, the air conditioning wasn’t working… I just had that feeling that 4 weeks is a long time if you’re away from home (L) but not enough time to get things done here! After meeting the team at night it all changed… I feel that we can do great things here and that Africa will do great things for us too.

Arriving in Nairobi — Sunrinse
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