Misunderstanding Our Digital Migrant Managers Pt.1

Working in a “fetus” startup can never be an easy way of replacing your regular 9–5 especially if you are a co-founder. Mental torture, longer hours, financial problems, social exclusion, fear and so on and on. Historically, startups are not a new thing to the work environment. Almost every corporation you see has a story behind its establishment. From the least in the fortune 500 to the no 1, witnessed the heat generated when starting a company. In today’s business environment, the rate at which we now start a company is just so big that people feel like “startup” is a new word in the business world and all related to the IT industry.

As part of the Millennial generation, I have come to term with the new work environment whereas, we try to incorporate work AND play so we can easily get maximum productivity( a thing the older generation would consider as “unfit”). Back then it was just all work in office spaces and a standard 8 hours of work which made almost all employees working shorter hours compared to present day work hours. For example, let’s just say you’re given a window of 8 hours to do a task but being the millennial you are, you have to blend work and play to be more productive. Now in the first 4 hours, you decided that you can get the job done even when you have to play 45 mins of table tennis and 40 mins of Halo 5. Then you take your regular work break. Again you decided to repeat the same to wrap the next 4 hours. At the end of the day, you realized your work wasn’t all done and then you want to blame a manager for not allocating the time sufficient to finish a task. One thing you forgot to realize is that the manager never considered your work play attitude since he/she might be a digital migrate, old corporate boy, or a conservative willingly not ready for the bullshit.

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