The emotional reservoir empty; but the mind enriched through emotional sacrifice. It is a very rare circumstance where all three aspects of your being (emotional, intellectual, and physical) are satisfied simultaneously. This rare occurrence leaves you drained, but oh so satisfied. I am not just speaking in the sexual sense.

We spend the rest of our life looking for that magical moment to occur again. We try to re-create that time suspended in glory. To attain this state we turn to drugs, relationships, work, and cruise vacations for singles. I won’t mention all the on-line dating sites ( 99% of them scams). And of course I would be remiss not to mention the video porn proliferating the internet.

The one thing in common to all those things mentioned is immediate gratification. Our souls have become desensitized. Our minds have become perverted. Our spirit has become lost. We have become a genertion of “the immediate.” Immediate relatioships…Immediate buzz/high…Immediate sex… The only thing that is not immediate is the long-term addictions caused by immediate gratification.

Most have turned their back on God. Some never knew Him. The devil wants to distract us for a moment. All he needs is that opening to impose his lies upon our souls. He is the most intelligent, conniving, clever con man you will ever face.

As I approach my 63rd birthday I have come to many truths about myself. I have reached a place of reconciliation with God. A reconciliation with the mistakes I have made in the past with those closest to me. Although at times I felt empty, it was a small price to pay for my enlightenment. The real special part of my life is my faith in Jesus; the Son of God. I may not have the things I want, but God has given me all the things I need.

“A peace that passes all understanding” and eternal life. That is more than enough. That is more than I can ever have prayed for.

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