You never know when life can change in a New York Minute. A chance meeting could turn into the most important event in your life. It can also be a recurring nightmare that knows no end.

Many factors in our life dictate the person we beome, and the life we lead. Who we marry. The job we choose. The friends we pick to hangout with. People we avoid, due to their negativity. There are people we are drawn to, for various reasons. Some obvious. Others not so much. The way we were shown examples of good and bad behavior by our parents. All of the above mold us into the person we are now.

I have learned that past decisions effect us today, even if an event happened in our distant past. I also know that those past decisions [bad decisions] are not a death sentence. You have the power within you to break the shackles that bind you. You have a right to be happy. You have a right to grow as a human being. As we make decisions we rarely can visualize the ramifications of those decisions. A bad decision such as trusting people not worthy of that trust. It can cost you big time; financially, emotionally and spiritually. We are definitely influenced by those around us. Choose your friends wisely.

The biggest decision you will ever make in your entire life is choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with [Marriage]. If you marry someone for any other reason than true love you will not stay married; you will not be happily married. I want a true, heart-beating, can’t wait to be with them LOVE! If you marry for any other reason than true love the marriage will rip at the seams like a cheap suit. A marriage built on a foundation made of sand will not stand [broken trust, infidelity, false accusations, economic hardship]. A marriage built upon a strong foundation [true love , trust, honesty, spiritual support during an illness] will not only stand it will flourish, and the intimacy you achieve will strengthen the marriage.

Restoring feelings that have been stagnet for many years gives one hope. Hope plants the seeds for the possible. It allows a man or a woman to shed the armour of defense that have been sharpened over the years. Some of us have become jaded and apathetic. Restoration…Salvation enables the feeling of Hope to grow inside of us. As the Hope becomes stronger our Confidence becomes more apparent to others. A last chance at a New Beginning. “Old things pass away and all things become new”.