Two books which had the greatest influence on my drum study were: STICK CONTROL and the power book, IACCENTS and REBOUNDS. Both books written by George Stone.

These books still have a great influence on my drumming forty- eight years later. They are mandatory books every drum student should master. They provide the student with essential skills, and technique which last a lifetime.


This particular book provides the student with the framework, from which style and tecnique are realized. The exercises in this book focus on building strength and stamina. The progression of exercises allow the student to become familiar with multiple sticking patterns. It is one of the 3- 4 books which are the foundation of which style and technique are built upon.


This book builds upon the strength and stamina taught in STICK CONTROL. The most important aspect of this book is that it introduces the students to the effect volume (accents) have on a sticking progession.

These two particular books should be a part of the regiment; the daily practice of beginners and professionals alike. I will continue in my next article, examining the importance of two more books.


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