How To Build This Book

(It’s easy)

In 2001, I bought my first rebuilt blank notebook from Portland’s ReadingFrenzy. By 2004, their supplier could no longer keep up with demand and I had to start building my own. They were flip, flop, flappy, but held together, sort of. Averaging 6–10 notebooks a year, I got better.

I use them for both writing and drawing and I show anyone who drops by the studio (at exactly the right moment) how to build them.

In May 2009, once the technique developed to a point of durability, I wrote down the instructions in my notebook, The Cowboys. What follows are those instructions. They’re meant to be executable on your kitchen table with a minimum of tools. Enjoy. Alter* them as needed (I still am).

*I usually glue end whole or partial endpapers now, mostly linen or old maps.