Why a Blog & Things I Have Learned (so far)

It’s been a while since I’ve been making up my mind on writing a blog. Today I attended a leadership session where the lecturer mentioned two things I found important:

  1. Associating / being friends with successful and talented people and organizations reflect on who you are — tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are, as we wisely say in Mexico.
  2. Building a strong personal brand — I hate associating people with brands, I believe the point here is to be consistent and clear on how you present yourself to others, so that they can trust you enough to connect with you.

(RANT: Once, an Intelligence expert/dragon told me that the best way to create trust is to make promises and CONSISTENTLY fulfill them. I try to live by that maxim.)

And so, as he spoke I began drafting WHY I wanted to write a blog: Because I want other people to get to know me better, so that we can create a real connection and because I hope others can learn from my experiences and mess-ups.

And so, this is the first post: Things I Have Learned (so far)

  1. Being generous and reciprocal to others creates a whole bunch of positive externalities. I have learned this mainly from my god-sent roomate (she cooks really good) and how smoothly we’ve managed to deal with daily-routine-housekeeping-taking the-trash-out kind of stuff, just by being generous to one another.
  2. Yesterday I saw this Midnight Summer Dream quote on a bus: “The course of true love never did run smooth.” And well, no, it does not run smooth, specially with a 6 hours time difference, but great things never do. (You know who you are).
  3. This I learned about myself: I can manage to take care of the housework and I need my alone time: to draft, think, shop, walk, enjoy the city (I love the city by the way, I love the sunsets, the kindness of the bus drivers, how smart and different everyone at my class is and the new iPad, too)
  4. AND FINALLY, brolly = umbrella & “In Manchester, an umbrella is never yours, it belongs to The Weather”.
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