Shave time off your open water and do good for the world with world record setter, Gary Emich

World record setter and Alcatraz Maniac, Gary Emich, is offering phone consultations and his How-To DVD to 10 lucky people. He has partnered with GiveGetWin and generously donated his time and product, so that 100% of your proceeds will go to charity.


That’s how many times one man has swam the Alcatraz crossing.

On June 11th of 2013, the 62 year-old conquered the tides that threatened to send him off course. This time around, the water was not its normal, cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but instead was a chilling 54 degrees. That’s 20 degrees cooler than the average multi-purpose pool in America.

This time, it was the 1,000th time he has swam the rough and cold waters from Alcatraz to San Francisco. This was the moment he set the world record.

Granted, it was probably about the 50th time he set it.

Anyways, his story does not end there.

Gary is not only obsessive enough to repeat the same swim 1,031 times, but is also daring in where he chooses to race.

He has adventured to race in the piranhas-filled Amazon River, Australia’s 20km Rottnest Swim, Scotland’s Loch Ness, Peru’s Lake Titicaca, and the Bay of Naples, to name a few.

So he’s experienced at performing the sport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good coach, right?

True, but he has the credentials to be a knowledgeable coach and mentor as well.

He has both an American Swim Coach Association Level 2 Coach certification and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach certification under his belt.

He has also written for Inside Triathlon and Triathlon Life USA. And Triathlete. And OpenH2O.

He also has co-produced From Lane Lines to Shore Lines: Your Complete Guide to Open Water Swimming and co-authored, Open Water Swimming: Lessons from Alcatraz.

Thanks to his generous donation, you have the opportunity to receive a phone consultation and How-To DVD, while feeling good about donating to charity.

If you would like to learn more about how he can help you in your next open water races, check out this link for more information