Keep your Language/Culture alive
shelly chao

Hi Shelly,

I really appreciated your thoughtful post. I think you really made a good point when you mentioned how the hegemony over immigrant families can influence the way the students from these families view and value their language and culture. Not seeing yourself in the literature and having your language devalued has to impact the way students see themselves. They will either see themselves as integral members of society or outsiders. It is unfortunate that the political waves are currently based in fear. The current political climate claims to be making our country safer by securing our borders, but it seems that they are attempting to blame terrorism on Mexican immigrants. It is the children in this most vulnerable population that will suffer the most trauma. The fear of being deported or being separated from their families has to be devastating to their psyche. These are the students who will need the most support from teachers and society. These students need their voices heard in any language.

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