Reflecting on Voice Your Language #VYL2017 and Multicultural Text
Ofelia Cortez


I really appreciate the resources you provided in your post. You touched on one of the most significant issues facing immigrant students. The lack of representation in the literature has to be one of the most powerful ways the dominant culture can maintain their hegemony over more vulnerable populations. Lacking images of themselves and their stories sends a clear signal from the dominant culture that they do not have a place here unless they assimilate. This is why authors like these play such an important role in an inclusive language policy. Not only do their stories convey the universal concept of migration, but exemplify the triumph and strength of the human spirit. These authors don’t just model the life of a survivor, but that of one who thrives. Students must know that others have passed through some of the same trials and tribulations and that they too can thrive, not just survive.

Thank you.

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