Post Mortem — 30 Board Game

I worked on the 30 Board Game with Sarah. When you first introduced the project I was a bit hesitant to undertake the creation of a board game. I do think introducing the different mechanics and making us use one in our games is very helpful but also a bit challenging. It is helpful because it narrows it down to one thing. It is challenging depending on whether you like the mechanic or not. Sarah and I got the route building mechanic which I am not too fond of.

We went through many ideas for the game using the assigned mechanic. In the beginning Sarah and I tried various different ways to figure out the ideal way to use the assigned mechanic. Settling on a game that used the mechanic well, and was fun was very difficult. We first researched several route building games like Settlers of Catan to see what made those games special. We realized there had to be some player to player interaction to make it interesting. We tried to do something similar to Catan with a space theme but it just wasn’t working. The players ended up just building a route but it was pretty boring. You weren’t able to really interact with your opponents except for blocking them which was not too exciting, so we scratched that game.

Finally, we settled on the game we came up with. I think this game is pretty interesting. I haven’t come across a game like it. Looking back I am not really sure if it is a route building game. You follow routes in the game but you don’t really build one. I think if it was somehow simplified it could be a really cool board game to play. Making the physical game and its assets was much easier than coming up with the concept. I think there should be more time devoted to creating the concept than game test. I did the document and spark page, while Sarah handled the board and cards. I think this was simple and easy, and we worked well together. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to play test in the classroom, just with ourselves, but it worked out better because we were able to come up with a sound concept. In conclusion, I think this was an interesting experience and I learned that there is always room for improvement in your games.

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