I am an Uber survivor.
Amy Vertino

I just wanted you to know we are all very proud of you. You are not only smart and hard working but also brave and a role model to all of us. I don´t know you but, my most sincere wish is that you can feel that we are all supporting you now, even people that has never spoken to you before.

What you did will change the course of things, don´t have a doubt about it. Thanks for doing it, thanks for being who you are. For you and for all the woman around the world who have to go through this, please NEVER STOP, NEVER SHUT UP, NEVER LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL YOUR BRAIN DOESN´T COUNT. NEVER EVER FEEL AGAIN LIKE YOU SHOULD HAVE WORN HEELS AND MARRIED SOMEONE RICH- ALL MY LOVE, your big big fan.

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