Week 5 of the NFL things to think

First let’s talk about Brady boy, pats fans can be very happy because he is back and everyone can feel the smell of revenge. Brady came back big with 403 yards, 28 passes completed of 40 attempted, 10.1 yards per attempt, 3 tds and 127.7 passer rating, resuming, a great game. He also counted with a good defense performance that didn’t allow Cleveland to go downfield. Patriots showed all the critics that the loss to Buffalo was only an exception in the whole season. So Pats haters get worried cause Brady is back and the Patriots are real championship contenders.

The great offense of the season so far, dethroned the super bowl champions, considered best defense of the NFL and one of the greatest of all time. Matt Ryan is for real and he showed it with a long drive for td to start the game. Another big factor of the game was the running game of the Falcons, with great playing by D. Freeman and T. Coleman going for 119 yards in 29 carries combined. On the other hand, the Broncos played bad in both sides of the ball, even the best defense in the NFL played bad. Paxton Lynch that played very well in week 4 had a very bad game. He impressed negatively with a very bad pocket presence and a delay to throw the ball, but we can’t overreact it was only his first game and he can have big progress in the next few years. For me with this game the Falcons shown they are playoff bound and NFCCG contenders.

The last game I wanted to highlight is Dallas and Bengals. Dak impresses with his calm, great pocket presence and quick release. For the ones that thought the Cowboys were done after Romo’s injure, I say they will win the NFC East and Romo won’t get back. The other impressive player from Dallas is Zeke Elliot, looks like Jerry Jones found two superstars when he was thinking he got only one.

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