My cup is hāfu (ハーフ, “half”) full, ma sè.

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One grand slam for all hāfus across the globe.

You were against 156 players, and after each cut, you broke through the first sport’s ceiling.

Back and forth, we saw #Power, #Race, #Class, # Gender, #identity, #sportscodes and #Sexism at play.

Round after round.

One after the other.

7 440 yards, no 6800 m.

In the end, it was served on the court.

The media portrayed the victory cup half empty.

We did not hear the pocket change, $2, 160, 000.


What should we say, ma sè?

Well done, ma sè!


On the courts.

Or will the courts decide?

Will all hāfu’s gaze at this cup as half full for eternity?


A remnant of another struggle we find ourselves trapped in.

Mixed emotions embroiled today as #power retook our struggles.

An umpire who governed our verdict.

A cartoonist who tainted your beauty.


Who are we, hāfus to this world?

hāfu full, ma sè for eternity, in the Grand slam!

Just ‘half’ full.

Eske ou te we…?

Wi, wi, wi, mè wi, men wi.

You won the cup and emptied yourself to the world.

7 rounds and shed it all for us.

Mwen regret sa.

But, our cups remain half empty, ma sè.

My cup is hāfu (ハーフ, “half”) full, ma sè.

Hāfu (ハーフ, “half”) full…


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