Trapped in a funk.

((This caption was taken in a coffee shop in Gwangju, South Korea))

I was just caught in a rut.

Everything seemed too much.

Too much love.

Too much hurt.

And, I have absorbed all of it.

My absorption powers has caught me in a spell.

It has consumed my every being.

I had to cover my face and fears.

We laid our love to rest, my love.

But, take some time.

Take time to know the funk.

It is a journey and process to know me.

I will stop the snooze, my love.

I will do everything I can to wake up from this slumber.

I will get up from those covers.

You will find that everything that I have absorbed will mean something.

Just take some time my love, it will be alright.

I will wake from this funk.

Trust this journey.

Day will come.

I will.

Just allow me to take my time.