One Month — Week 1

  • How did you learn to code?

The name of my friend is Ruben. He studied Computer Science and that was the beginning of his career. Now he has more than 15 year of experience.

  • What advice would you have for someone learning to code for the first time?

Looking for some simple, basics programs in internet, as doing a hello world app. Take tutorials in internet on different programming languages. Then this will help me to see if this is something I really feel I like it, because if that is the case I will be interested on learning more and more.

  • Would you work with me on a project?

Yes, because we have been working for many years together.

  • Why/why not?

I have been the project manager of many projects we have made. He considers Im a very a confident person, a good worker, that work vey hard and passionate with my work.

  • What qualities do you look for when you hire a developer?

What are areas the developer is specialized, back end, front end, full stack developer. What are the language the developers knows. In what projects have worked before, experience on modern frameworks.

  • (Assuming the person you’re interviewing knows you personally, ask the following) If you and I were to work together, what skills do you think I most need to improve right now?

Programming on different languages.

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