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Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

Being quarantined at home for two weeks sounded terrifying at first.

Yet it never occurred to me, that being forcibly isolated and confined to your space and thoughts could have such a healing effect.

I have been struggling with anxiety for quite some time now.
For those who don’t know what anxiety is: It’s a reaction to stress. Racing heart, sweaty hands, difficulty breathing and concentrating included.

Most people experience anxiety in stressful moments throughout their lives for a short period of time. Others can’t break the loop of worry and overthinking and it slowly turns into an anxiety disorder.

I can call myself lucky. …

Or ruining, it is?

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Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash

Recently I have noticed how I fell back to patterns I managed to get rid of at some point in my life. Yet some change of routine and unforeseen experiences moved me closed to a “me” I’m not quite happy with.

I don’t condemn my comfort zone. After all, it is there for me when none else is.
Coming home after a long day, stressed, tired, in need of some quick and tasty soul food, a series rewatch or other guilty pleasures, it often appears in form of cosy sofas, freshly made beds or simply comfy kitchen chairs. …

Or why I haven’t used my phone out of silence mode for the last 5+ years.

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Photo by Cameron Stow on Unsplash

I have stumbled across San Do’s article on his experiment on quitting social media on his phone for a month and couldn’t relate more.

Have you ever taken out your phone and ended up in a social media app without actually knowing why?

San Do vividly describes what we all probably have sinned at, some point or another — pointless scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, procrastinating things we want to do, not paying attention about what is happening right outside and in front of us, all just for that subconscious dopamine-shot worth of scrolling. …


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