We Won’t Keep Quiet

We decided to work on gender inequality as the broad issue in the UK, as we soon found it is not just an issue in the UK but around the world for 50% of the population. To be more precise we decided to focus on gender inequality in the workplace, this topic affects millions of women and we felt it needs to be discussed.

This Project is very close and dear to all our hearts in this group. As Three women who hope to soon work in the business world, it is a constant fear and worries to go into the world where we are not treated the same nor are we paid the same as men. For the three of us, this issue is worsened because we are each from developing countries and when the issue is so prevalent in the UK which is meant to be developed and ahead of its time it is difficult to imagine what is to come for us three in our respective nations.

In light of recent political events around the world, this issue has become highlighted and discussed more often. This is why our video submission is meant to create a movement. The momentum that has started around the world can not end. We want women’s voices to be heard until something changes.

This process gave us a chance to speak up and use our voices as well as those around London who want a change and will not keep quiet. We created a video because we felt as though it is the best form of media to create a real movement, it is more prevalent, and using images facts and sounds help create an emotional reaction from viewers.

Our video consists of three main subjects, first, we interviewed Servane Mouazan, CEO of Ogunté and a woman’s rights activist who has appeared on several ‘TEDx’ conferences in which she spoke about the topic. Our second subject was Farida El-Sayed a Politics student from Kings college. With our first two subjects, we got the perspectives of a woman who knows what’s going on and is working for change as well as someone who is looking into her future and is fearful of it — in different sectors of the workplace (politics and business). Our last Subject was based on the people, we got people in London to tell us if they wanted to end gender inequality, and this is what we got.

We did this prove that it’s not just women, it’s everyone who wants change. We used storytelling and visualisation through our video as a medium, as well as Social Marketing/Change, by causing a debate, creating awareness, calling for action, and demanding transformation.