The parallel world during a pandemic

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We all have bad days

Today wasn’t the saddest I’ve ever had

However, Before I got to bed I decided to scroll through Instagram

Bad idea

Everyone having fun

Why not? It’s Friday night

I don’t blame them

No matter how much I tell myself I’m not alone

I still feel lonely

I know tomorrow I’ll be fine but why does my brain play me like this

Is like I’m missing something

Life slipping through my fingers

It’s been seven months

The fear of missing out won’t let me sleep

This is supposed to be the time of my life

Being a new freelancer is not as easy as you think. Here are some tips.

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I just graduated university and yeah I might not have the experience but I know the value of my work.

Sometimes is so hard for new freelancers to ask for more because we think that experience is everything and sometimes it is but that doesn’t mean that your work is not good enough. We are learning and we do our best.

A company asked me to do a program in a software that not a lot of people know about and I decided to do it. As a new freelancer is not easy to talk about numbers.

How much is…

Should You Put Yourself In A Box? Here Are Some Tips

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The process of finding yourself never ends, one day you feel amazing and the next like shit. Sometimes you like tequila and the next just the smell of it makes you wanna through up.

Sexuality is complex, you can be dating the opposite sex your whole life and still find attractive or even fall in love with someone of the same sex.

Life is an adventure and the worst thing you can do is pressure yourself to put a label on it. …

Reflection Of The Movie Chemical Hearts

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Stars are the reminder that people are just the ashes of dead stars. We are just a collection of atoms that come together for a brief period of time, and then we fall apart.

When everything is over and we’re dispersed back into nothingness… we have a clean slate.

Is like having all of your sins wiped away.

Sometimes it’s just easier to slip into your own dark abyss and forget the world exists.

Trapped in your own bubble, untouchable.

Flashes of the person you used to be and no longer exist.

Stop Trying To Take My Life Away From Me

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Why is so difficult to be me

To know who I really am

You put me through the edge

Adrenalin running through my veins

To reach someone I'm not

Dosis of social media

Became my silent drug

Sleepless nights and cigarettes

Nothing really matters

When you’re there at the end of my day

You’re bad for my health

Am addicted to you

I should probably get some help

But I can't control myself

Endless conversations about you

You’re toxic

My personal drug handed to me

25 since 17teen

Living a life that is not mine

I refuse

Running away from…

Trapped dreaming about love

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Doing the right thing

Haven’t gotten me anywhere

Be honest, be humble

Love people without expecting anything

Clean conscience

Loving everyone on my path

Treating them well like they deserve

Haven’t gotten me anywhere

No matter how hard I try

I put Effort to be someone good

Good people find love

Disney and movies taught me that

Aren´t they right?

I keep wishing to shooting stars

I’m broken-hearted

It will be easy if I hated everyone

But no,

I feel everything, all the time

Because I’m looking for you

I’m exhausted

Exhausted of the dark

Of feeling alone at night

Everyone has an aesthetic, find yours.

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Aesthetics is a philosophical area that is responsible for studying beauty both in art and in nature. They are a set of elements whose union produces some satisfaction.

Having an aesthetic has become very popular on social networks, influencers on their page who use certain types of colors and photographs to give their feed a special touch that differentiates it from others.

Is there something really beautiful? Is there a subjective truth about beauty? Does it depend on the public?

In the 19th century, aestheticism was born. They criticized repetitive designs, soulless machines, and everything you could give a why.

Living Far Away From Your People Is Not Easy

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I miss you

I’ve never felt those words before

It feels like I’m holding my breath

And Still can’t breathe

because you are not here

Laughing at the simplest things

Looking like weirdos at the eyes of others

You get me like no one else

Smiling with you is easy like breathing fresh air

Long-distance is no joke

Relationships can fail

But you’re my family

And that will never change

For years we grew apart

We found each other along the way

Like the old times, nothing really changed

Every time we say goodbye

Hits like a knife

The older…

The new business model in the food industry. Here's Why.

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The new generations are increasingly demanding in any industry, they care about the environment and want the products they are consuming to be responsible with the environment as well.

The greener the better.

In Spain, 20% of the population assures that they no longer consume meat on a regular basis. In India 40% of the population is vegetarian, Mexico 19%, Brazil 14%, and the numbers are increasing.
Los Angeles and New York are among the American cities in which people are opening more and more food businesses that do not use meat.

The environment is a priority for young people…

Feminism doesn’t matter that much

How many times have you seen a man cry? How many times did you see your dad, your brother, your male friends cry?

In 2017 I went to the US as an au pair and one of my best friends lost her dad while she was also an au pair. She received a call from her mom, telling her that she had to come back. She flew back to Mexico for the funeral, her family told everyone that it was a heart attack.

After the funeral, her sister talked to her and told her the truth.

When she came back…

Gabriela Vela

Industrial Engineer with the soul of a writer… I have thoughts I like to share ✨

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