Insects carry antimicrobial proteins that kill bacteria within minutes. Researchers are investigating if these substances can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria

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Image: Pixabay

What would happen to a host organism if someone infected it with one million bacteria? A mouse or a zebrafish would most likely die of a septic shock. Humans wouldn’t fare much better either. But the immune system of an insect decimated 99% of the intruders within minutes, as researchers from the Free University of Berlin, in Germany, demonstrated in an experiment.

Like humans, insects are surrounded by microbes, viruses, bacteria, and other parasites. Thus, they are constantly under attack. Although many insects only live for a few weeks, they still need to fight off harmful germs. This includes bacteria with brief life spans. …

According to a recent report by leading peace research institutes, the country has the highest number of extreme right-wing violence cases in Europe

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The III. Path or Der III. Weg is a far-right neo-Nazi party in Germany. Image by Dittmar Sauer from Pixabay

On 16 June, a German court in Frankfurt opened the trial of two alleged neo-Nazis suspected of murdering the local politician Walter Lübcke, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic party. A pro-refugee advocate, the former president of the Kassel district, in Hesse, had been on the receiving end of threats from right-wing extremists for years.

Lübcke’s killing, however, is just one of many recent high-profile cases of far-right violence in Germany. In October 2015, for instance, a man stabbed the Mayor of Cologne in the neck. Henriette Reker, another supporter of Germany’s refugee policies, survived the attack.

There are many other lesser-publicized cases, though. According to The Peace Report 2020, authored by four leading German peace research institutes, Germany has the highest number of extreme right-wing violence cases in Europe, with at least 16 victims between January 2016 and December 2019. …

A master’s degree or a Ph.D. can advance your career. They might also be quite expensive. These are some resources to help you cover your university fees and living expenses

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Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

Pursuing a master’s degree, a Ph.D. or a post-doctorate is a life-changing experience. Obtaining one of these titles demands a lot of effort, many sleepless nights, and a great deal of tears of fear and joy. Nonetheless, finally holding that diploma in your hands after months/years of hard work is extremely rewarding.

Graduate students have a lot of autonomy and must cover most of the syllabus by themselves. If you put in the work, you’re sure to experience considerable intellectual development. Besides that, going back to university is an excellent opportunity to network.

Professionals from many areas often have to get a graduate degree if they want to advance their careers. Where you decide to study is up to you, but you might want to consider some European universities. …

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Remains of victims of the war being analysed by experts. Credit: ICMP

The implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement in December 1995 put an end to a vicious civil war that left more than 100,000 dead in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The agreement paved the road to rebuilding the country, but success would depend on easing internal ethnic tensions. That posed another challenge: finding and identifying, without discrimination, 31,500 missing victims of the conflict.

Almost 25 years later — and with the anniversary of a quarter of a century of the Srebrenica massacre approaching on July 11th — BiH achieved what no other post-conflict country has: over 70% of those missing during the civil war have been found and identified. …


Gabriel Bonis

Journalist and researcher on refugees. Holds an MA in International Relations from Queen Mary University of London. My work has appeared on BBC, DW and others

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