Tom Cat

If I could be any animal I would be a tom cat. Tom cats, if they can stay under the radar of humans, are totally free. Tom cats are agile, being able to jump far and high distances and being able to run at fast speeds. As a cat I could hunt prey and get the affections of humans. I would be able to quickly adapt and survive with a decent standard of living in certain areas. As a cat in an urban area I would have few predators. Having this advantage I could do whatever whenever as long as it doesn’t get me nurtured.
As a cat I would hunt to live. Although as a human this goes against my own moral compass, as a cat I would do this to survive along with other things that go against my human moral compass. As a cat I would have no human worries but a fear of being captured and put to sleep. As a cat I probably wouldn’t be inelegant and I probably wouldn’t be as street smart as a person. So even though as a cat I would be free, there are negative tradeoffs such as intelligence and safety.

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