Corbyn is the only one to blame for Labour’s poor polling.

After today’s polling, which places Labour 18-points behind the Tories, a lot of people in the Corbyn camp will blame his abysmal public profile and our Party’s rock-bottom polling on the fact that the PLP hasn’t united around him. But they are forgetting that it is the job of the Leadership to hold the Party together, not the other way around.

Every other leader in history has had to deal with divisions and rebels. Often, Jeremy was one of those rebels. But now he is on the other side of the table, it is clear that he can’t effectively manage a team and cannot unite people.

That is, in itself, unsurprising from a man who hadn’t previously managed so much as a five-a-side team, and the fact that was obviously going to be the case is one of the reasons I’ve campaigned so hard against him. But it is a fatal flaw in a potential Prime Minister.

Running the Labour Party is hard, but it’s not as hard as running the country. And we can’t be surprised when voters look at Jeremy and see a man who can’t do either.