How I Would Improve Apple Watch

Apple Watch should have three “things:”

  1. Watch face with Complications
  2. Glances
  3. Siri

THAT’S IT. Anything that can’t be done through one of these things shouldn’t be on Apple Watch. The app model works well for phones and tablets and computers, but doesn’t translate well to a watch. Why should I start an app to call a car to pick me up when it consists of one button? I should just be able to say, “Hey Siri, call me a car.” Of course, for this to work, Siri needs to work more reliably than it does now. Half of the time, I say, “Hey Siri,” and start talking only to discover that she isn’t “listening” yet. Or I say, “Hey Siri,” and wait for her to start listening only for her ask me, “What’s wrong with you, why aren’t you saying anything?” (I may be paraphrasing here).

So, to recap, apps need to be kicked off of the Watch and their functions integrated into Glances and Complications for displaying information and Siri for inputting. Sorry, apps, you had your chance, but you blew it.

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