Big Data, Big Question: Are We Ready? (Meet 2)

The meet (part 1): the spread of Big Data could help against corruption?

The meet (part 2): here comes Dataism (sort of reality dominated by Data, rising from the ashes of advertising — a great post by Zander Nethercutt )

The question: have we got a vague idea of what Data can do to us? Really?It’s not what we can do “with” Data. It’s quite the opposite: what can Data do to us?

The message:

Mankind has always dealt with numbers. Numbers in the sky or in the mind, numbers on the paper or in any other places have always been the companion of man. Keyword: compaion. Not really best friend. But a commonly shared and accepted way to frame reality and block chaos.

Now, this story of Big Data changes everythig. Numbers are no more allied of men in managing the world. Now Big Data are a totally new way of “dealing” with the reality: world, body, mind, soul and so on. They change the way we look at the world and the way we can change the world. Absolutely disrupting.

Now, from the positive point of view, Big Data can heal an historical wound of the modern societies: corruption. Coupled with blockchain, Big Data can resolve what seemed to be a tricky, mind dazzling, conscience-juggling issue: how to catch the thief of the social good.

Now, from the negative point of view, from the ashes of old-school marketing (playing cold-calls and intrusive adv as if they were guitar and drums of a ragged rock band) consumers can wake up themselves in a word plagued by tailor-made ads that suite their life more adherently than their made-to-fit dresses.

From the Democracy in America of Tocqueville to the Marketocracy in the World of Adville, the world where Big Data allow to deliver extremely personalized adv — and not to count all the other applications ready to besiege the everyday life like never before. Thanks to Big Data.

So, do we have a vague idea of what Big Data are preparing for us?
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