And my ongoing journey to find out.

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This one wouldn’t really make sense without a bit of background. I am an immigrant from South America, who decided to move away from home, when I was 24 — Ground-breaking.

I was lucky enough to save some coins in rent, while attempting med-school in my hometown. Whether or not that was a smart move, it’s still up for discussion.

When I was done with college, one of my 1st thoughts was right on time! Sure, I was at that age when the love for parents and the need for one’s own personal space were equally important. But how to…

A friend of mine suggested to have new business cards printed with a rather different title: Hello, I’m your gynecologist, and no worries, I’m also gay.

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At first, I found this hilarious. As I kept drinking at the party, and thinking about it -Yes Jannie, doctors also drink and have personal lives- I realized how bad the whole thing was, on so many different layers.

Of course, she meant it as a joke, but the fact that my sexuality might be slogan material, even with the purpose of making me laugh, kept resonating in my head for days.

After 12 years training to become an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, there are so many qualities and even defects of mine, I want to make sure my patients are…

It all started when we decided to buy a property in the desert. I knew from the get-go; we were set to go through one of the most stressful situations ever: becoming homeowners.

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Cathedral City and Yucca Valley suddenly were names I was familiar with. My vocabulary had changed so much after we had decided to move from one coast of the country to the other one.

Every plant, every scent, every tan, had changed for good. That feeling of being on vacation had slowly left after some weeks of living in this new town. All we had to do was buy a house and we would be locals.

But no warning given for a document we needed, before closing the deal. …

Traditional, powerful, somehow racist, a bit overweight, loaded with self-confidence — Dr. Levi had all the qualities you fear the most for someone in charge.

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His charisma and big smile had won him the position of Chairman at the Cardiology department of the Connecticut Regional Hospital.

He was the third one occupying the position in three years, after his two predecessors quit unexpectedly. Best first-impressions a man can hope for: trustworthy and caring. Time was about to prove them wrong.

It all began that crispy Monday morning: one of the new medical students started her rotation with the department. Priyanka was a brilliant girl, with a big smile and a bigger future. …

My dinner guest taught me more about myself than I ever expected

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Jim had long and messy hair. A blue pair of shorts covered his lengthy and skinny legs. His dusty face and hands reminded me of a member of my extended family, whose grooming skills weren’t necessarily admirable.

He had a flat stomach and dirty nails, like those one gains when there’s no money for food or water for a shower.

As I walked past the parking lot, my eyes witnessed the cruel scene. There was a sickening smell of motor oil and feces. …

“We are interesting creatures” was written in a poster at the Natural Museum I visited 5 years ago, on a trip to England.

Photo by author

I remember reading that phrase and thinking: Are we, really? What makes us so remarkable? Is there self-awareness in a lot of the creatures that co-exist on earth with us? And if so, would they ask the same thing?

There are way too many blank spaces for questions humanity has asked over the past hundreds of years. One thing is for sure: we are the complex result of evolution, with a brain that has developed enough to integrate information from all our senses and create memories.

But where do memories come from? A book of human physiology would describe -over…

Dunes, sunscreen, seltzers, bikes, a 60 min walk to a secluded beach, what is not to love?

Pict. by Bruce Lennon

That is what every man visiting boy beach has ever thought — groundbreaking.

But what makes it special? There is so much to tell, one can only hope to grasp the minimum necessary to help you understand this very important part of gay culture.

Let’s start from the beginning: every queer person I know dreams of a place like this, but you can hardly find much of a description online.

It is a very exclusive place! It is reserved for those who know…

His left arm was crammed with faded tattoos. A gray and blond beard covered most of his face, hinting late 50s and not the trimming type. An empty coffee maker next to crackers and muffins, definitely expired, invited to stay away from the snacks area.

Photo by author

We had arrived at that truck stop around midnight, after 10 hours driving from the middle of nowhere, to the following stop. A trip intended to introduce me to different cultures and their people was about to do so in such a remarkable way.

Tray — as his old green tag suggested — welcomed me…

On my way back home from a beach vacation, my mind kept resonating about my parents and how it is to see them now that I don’t live with them, not even in the same town.

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They were there on day one — and I’m not talking about genetics. I’m talking about waking up every 3h for feeding and crying spells or spending all their savings on diapers and formula. That is the kind of mama and papa I’m talking about. They are the real MVPs, and I feel so lucky to have mine in my life.

Seeing them resets…

Sand under my feet, breeze brushing my hair, the ocean drifting back and forth along the crowd: it seemed like a tempting picture to be a part of.

Photo by Dreamstime

I jumped into my sandals and wool cardigan, ready to execute my morning plan -far from sightseeing and perfect views-. Sunglasses covering my black eye, the smell of Pinot Noir and gin still in my breath, phone and some coins in my pocket. Life was about to change, and this time I meant it.

May is a beautiful month for long walks at the beach, especially on the coast of the South of France. Nice is known for its colors and contrasts, their stunning streets, amazing views from the Castle Hill, museums full of culture and history.

The city is…

Gabe Evaristo

Trying to get lost in the thrill of it all — while documenting it. Nonconformist, justice-seeker, into fiction and opinion pieces. Oh! also an MD. (He/Him/His)

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