“A head full of fears has no room for dreams.” The dreams we’ve discovered for ourselves speak volumes of our character. At their very nature they remind us of our passions and deepest desires. In other words, they tell us who we are and who we strive to be. When seen with a clear and unblemished vision, the depth and greatness of these dreams is enough to bring us to greatest heights, heights never imagined before. By heights I mean that feeling of complete spiritual uplifting, a euphoric stare when our lives are rooted in the presence and pursuit of this deep purpose. Speaking for myself, and I’ll dare to speak for others, we often push that truth to the side to take a backseat to fears and anxieties. Playing over and over again, limiting our horizons to a small space in our heads dedicated to continually repeating that dark story. Those dreams that once defined us and gave us a beautiful and unique identity now replaced by a cloud of negativity and doubt.

We will only ever have two choices: fear or love. Fear will always be easy, and love is hard. Love is courageous and honorable. As we consciously choose love, we allow those dreams to once again guide us. Believe in the beauty and the greatness of that person who you have encountered in your dream, for we all know that there is no greater truth than that moment of joy and unconditional love.

“We want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery.”

Special thanks to Carlos Osorios-Ríos for the inspiration and encouragement to take a step into the unknown to find words that I thought were lost forever. Thanks bud.