Untitled- Two


The door closed. Wayne was gone.

You can do it you old bastard. Sit up and stand up. Let’s go now.

Flexing and tightening every muscle in his body, Felix finally pushed himself into a sitting position. His face felt numb.

Alright, now finish the job.

He picked up his fallen teeth from the pool of blood and placed them in the inside pocket of his suit jacket. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. Using the full exertion of his strength once again, he dragged himself over to the sofa that stood 3 feet away from him. He grabbed the arm to use as a support and slowly raised himself off of the ground. He was now standing with the help of the sofa and could feel his mind clearing, and his strength slowly regaining. His jaw was heavy, and his words sounded almost incomprehensible to himself as he spoke.

“Clean up in aisle seven,” he croaked

“Patient room decontamination needed. Initiate?”, the computerized voice responded.


The blood on the floor started to slowly seep away from sight, vacuumed into the small crevices in the hardwood floor. Once the blood was cleared, the wood planks that were still covered in dried bloodstains began to glow. A cool hue of blue light emanated from them. The light appeared to be washing away the remaining marks of blood from the floor. It dimmed, faded and then disappeared, leaving a perfectly clean wood floor in its place.

“Blood detected during decontamination. Is emergency care required?”

“Yes, thank you”, Felix groaned

“Confirmed”, the voice responded.

Felix dragged his feet around the sofa, and collapsed into it with a great sigh of comfort. He checked his watch.

He was early. His appointment wasn’t for the next 20 minutes.

Looks like I’m ahead of schedule.

He sighed again and looked up at the ceiling.

Just then, 4 ceramic tiles loosened themselves from the ceiling and by some unknown force were retracted into the ceiling and replaced with a large white pod with a matte finish. Felix watched it as it was slowly lowered onto the floor by a mechanical arm. The pod reached the floor with a slight thud and the mechanical arm maintained its grip on the pod but hung from from the ceiling- still and motionless.

“Please enter the incubator for trial diagnostic and treatment procedures”.

The glass hatch on the front of the incubator unlocked and opened, revealing a cushioned interior.

Felix groaned quietly as he hoisted himself back onto his feet- again using the arm of the sofa for assistance. He took a few steps forward and then stepped up and entered the incubator that was facing him. Once he was inside he rotated back around to face the couch, and let himself relax against the cushioned interior. The latch began to close again. It locked in place with a soft click.

“Running diagnostic.”

The computerized voice came from inside of the incubator this time, loud and clear. A slim horizontal green light appeared on the lower end of the glass in front of him just over his feet. It buzzed a soft b flat synthesized tone as it moved incrementally up the length of the incubator, scanning Felix’s body.

“Dr. Leer detected. Requesting to ignore preexisting conditions that have not undergone significant fluctuations?”

“Granted”, Felix replied

“Multiple new injuries detected. Requiring immediate attention: fractured jaw- status: critical. Punctured tongue- status: mild. Missing teeth- 2 count. Status- mild. All injuries categorized as: repairable. Continue to treatment?”


“Anesthesia required for complete reconstruction. Continue?”


“Commencing treatment.”

4 small circular vents slid open on of the incubator — 2 on each side. A pink cloudy mist began to dispel from them like smoke stacks. Eventually the cloudy substance filled the entire incubator. As Felix inhaled he began to feel drowsy. He eyelids grew heavy, then closed, and he fell asleep amidst the swirling, misty pink clouds.

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