“Son of Man”- 3

Wayne was in the elevator sitting on the clear glass floor with his back against the glass wall, his legs stretched out in front of him. He was staring at the elevator’s transparent ceiling as it sped down from the 90th floor of the building. The elevator wasn’t connected to anything- no guide rails, or cords to hold it in place- simply the rectangular glass box in which he sat. It was silent and smooth as it raced down the building. Wayne always felt an uncanny sense of solace from these elevator rides- probably the only miniscule morsel of positivity he could draw from these visits back. Each of the lights lining the interior of the elevator shaft flew from sight in a blur from the elevator’s speed. Staring at the lights as they whizzed by gave Wayne a dizzying, elated sensation that relaxed him. He closed his eyes, and could still feel the luminosity variance between each light as it stretched by from behind his closed eyelids.

Light, dark, light, dark, light

He opened his eyes again and looked forward at the glass wall of the elevator, this time focusing on his faint reflection glancing back at him.

Look at you. He chuckled. You’re a piece of work, posing like you actually wanted an appointment just to land one on that conniving old crackpot.

“Approaching ground floor”, echoed the woman’s computerized voice from inside the elevator. “Please watch your step as you exit.”

Wayne stood up as the elevator slowed to a stop. The wall he faced depressurized from the surrounding glass and dislodged itself from the elevator. It slid noiselessly to the side so Wayne could walk through and into the lobby. As he stepped from the elevator and onto the grassy floors of the lobby he felt a prolonged vibration from the pocket of his Bristol trousers. He looked at his right hand and pressed the center of his palm with his left index finger.

“Wayne.” he answered. He spoke as if talking to himself.

“Where the hell are you?!” A woman’s frantic voice burst into his ears and rang inside of his head. Wayne grimaced with discomfort from the high frequency.

“Jesus, think you could be any louder? I’m on my way, just stall them until I get there. 15 minutes.”

“You don’t have fifteen minutes, Wayne. I don’t have time for this nonsense, where have you been? I-”

Wayne pressed the center of his palm again, hanging up the call. He looked up and began a brisk walking pace through the clean cut grass, hands in his pockets.

“Excuse me, sir”, came the voice of someone who Wayne was sure was one of the buildings staff members . He froze in his tracks and could feel his hands begin to sweat and his heartbeat picking up the pace.

Damnit, not good, not good.

He felt steps approaching him.

“Sir,” the staffer tapped Wayne on the shoulder. He turned slightly, as he removed his right hand from his pants pocket and placed it inside his back pocket.

Only if it comes to it

“Sir”, the staffer continued “All visitors today are invited this Saturday night to help us celebrate the discovery of ASI and humanity’s new hierarchical position in the food chain towards world technological development. All listed guests are free to bring 3 additional guests to accompany them. The evening will include a special dinner and a program with a special presentation hosted by our very own, Felix Leer. We hope to see you there…” The man flashed Wayne a friendly smile.

“Uh..right. Thank you”, Felix grumbled.

With a quick nod, the staffer turned and walked away.

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