Google started to incorporate the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) update in SERPs during the week of October 21, 2019. They have claimed this update to be one of the largest leaps forward in search in over a decade…and I agree.

I believe a quote from the movie Ex Machina will best summarize the impact that this update will have on our world. In the movie Nathan (Playing the role of Google CEO) leaves over to Caleb (programmer) to tell him about the aha moment that lead to the birth of AI, Nathan says

“There’s a weird thing about search engines. It’s like striking oil in a world that hasn’t invent internal combustion. To much raw material, no one knew what to do with it. You see my competitors were fixated on sucking it up (data) and monetizing via shopping and social media, they thought that search engine’s were a map of what people were thinking….but actually they are a map of how people are…

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It’s an exciting time for digital media and It’s no secret that we are in a new age of audience based marketing, powered by data. One of the biggest disruptions in the media space is the new techniques that OTT (Over The Top) and Programmatic TV bring to our tool belts. We have seen how the social giants have dominated ad budgets with self-service programmatic audience targeting in the native world. I believe that this new wave of OTT and Programmatic TV will have an equal impact on advertising budgets.

As advertisers race to influence audiences through this new medium, I must ask the question, will there be an upcoming shortage in available ad inventory within the OTT and Programmatic TV space? …

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How Startups Can Use Industry Associations to Break Into a New Market and Gain Early Adopters.

When I decided to take New Audience Media (my startup) to the event market I realized that I had a major problem, I didn’t know anyone in the trade show and convention industry. Over the last ten years I built my referral network with advertising and marketing agencies.

The target market for my new service were owners of tradeshows and conferences, known as event managers. Almost every other B2B vendor was trying to form partnerships with them to sell services to their exhibitors and sponsors. …

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“Congress trying to explain ISPs and Social Media to Mark Zuckerberg”

Seven hours after the Zuckerberg testimony (and 4 beers…each), Gage Peake and I decided to do America a favor and identify the 23 awkward, bonehead and WTF moments of Tuesdays testimony. Without further ado, we present to you…23 moments that you wish you saw live!

  1. FISCHER: How much do you store of that? All of it? All of it? Everything we click on, is that in storage somewhere?

2. COONS: And why do you shift the burden to users to flag inappropriate content and make sure it’s taken down?

3. SASSE: Do social media companies hire consulting firms to help them figure out how to get more dopamine feedback loops so that people don’t want to leave the platform? …

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Marketing Messaging that I used at New Audience Media

It’s no secret that programmatic advertising has disrupted the way marketing budgets are spent. Outside of print media I’ll say the event industry is among the hardest hit by this disruption. I spent the last 4 years creating digital adverting’s solutions to help trade associations and events combat this negative revenue trend.

Sponsors no longer want to hang expensive banners from exhibit hall ceilings and their focus is to fill lead nurture systems with contact info that they receive from scanning people’s badges. Event management is adapting to sell digital advertising offerings to exhibitors and sponsors as an effort to offset lost revenue. …

18 Things I Learning From Founding A Startup That Failed

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I still can’t believe I accepted a job offer. The four-year epic battle to take a new product to market has come to an end. Four years and $8000,000 after the venture started, I sit down to write this piece.

Looking back, If I could do it all over again I’m sure I’d hit home runs in every situation, but for my first real rodeo this was not the case. …

We all need a creative project to work on from time to time, especially if your living the startup life. Mentors usually tell us to stay focused on the on our product road maps and don’t stray from the path. But if you have been heads down working on your venture for a bit then you may need to lift your head up and start working on a creative side project too.

This was my philosophy when we started the “Seattle Startup Anthem.” I mean, we work so hard trying to change the world, why not have a little fun too…right? I found that focusing some of my efforts on a creative project that had nothing to do with my startup injected a much-needed wave of fun in my life. …


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