A small lifereminder

Photo taken by Kabir Bakie

There was this guy who was great with wood. Every other day he would make a birdhouse and other stuff. He not only really liked it, but he was also very good at it too. So he went on to become a carpenter. During the week, he would use his tools to build chairs, cabinets, shelves etc.

At first, when the weekend came, he would do a birdhouse every now and then. But after a while, he grew kind of tired of using the same tools he used during the week on his spare time too. So, gradually, he just stopped making birdhouses.

It was liberating. Leave the work related stuff for the week, and the weekend for whatever he enjoyed doing. Basically, making birdhouses wasn’t fun anymore, as the major work related to it was what he already did during the week.

The only problem is he always saw new birdhouses, made from people that didn’t work with wood during the week. And that got him thinking: how could making birdhouses become so dull? He would do it now every once in a while, but it just wan’t the same. It was like work. And even though he really really liked what he did, work involved a lot of boring stuff: budgets, clients, meetings, conference calls, etc etc. And that turned the whole experience of working with wood, well, underwhelming.

I write for a living. But over the past few years, writing on my spare time has become, well, too much of a reminder of work. And after loooong three years working somewhere I was really frustrated, that turned me away from writing.

Here’s hoping this first medium post is just the start.