• Did you bring snacks?
  • I thought you were bringing it.
  • Did we fuck up the end of the world?
  • I guess so. I have a water bottle in my backpack, and I got the wine.
  • Is this cheap wine?
  • Yeah
  • Why?
  • I don’t know they told us three times…

The first time I visited my father’s hometown we were greeted with torrential rains. Pernambuco is very dry and rain, to most believers in the region, is a sign from God. Everybody in the area gathered pots and pans and placed them on top of roofs, outside their houses and…

Unessential Data for the Common Absurd

“un café s’il vous plaît” — Jean-Paul Sartre at Café de Flore

Living Together Comparison Chart

You vs Your Internet Nemesis Multi Level Chart

Have you watched that new show on Netflix? Have you? It’s about a family man turned bad, and all these women living in a dystopian future and one of them is pursuing a career on rap, and there’s this other guy, he is a cartoon, but he is also an…

a film by Gabriel Gueiros

In the last few weeks, to calm my anxiety about the Brazilian election and the, now confirmed, scary future ahead of us, I decided to work on a little short film about my issues with Insomnia. I believe that being vulnerable and not being afraid of talking about your problems is a small but useful way to oppose the toxic masculinity that we see throughout the media and in our politicians.

This movie was made in two weeks, and all animations and graphics were made on nukex.

Part I — A Simple Point System to Love

There’s a little game I like to play, but before I explain it, we need to cover some bases. I have an issue. Don’t worry I’m being treated. I have difficulties, they are call anxieties, with the relativism surrounding our existence. I need to construct structures and rules, to be…

Fragments of a Week Post Brazilian Election


In the last twelve years, I inhabited three different countries. In all three I was seething. I unfastened myself trying to fit. It never worked. Now I’m smoking a guilty cigarette from my crumbling ivory tower, waiting for results.


My brother, instalments and me.

I was thirteen when my bother moved with us. I was, until that point, living in a tiny bedroom, all by myself. He used to come by on weekends, and we used to spend some time together, but moving was a whole new dynamic. I was going to share my…

now playing at midnight, in the theatre on the back of my skull

When Psychopath Met Psychopath

Two psychopaths pretend that they are in love with each other for thirty years. In their thirty birthday, they start to question if they are still faking it or if they actually managed to convince each other that they are in love.

Gabriel Güeiros

eats existential crisis for breakfast.

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