100 Days Without Fear

Day 22/365: Turning fear into your friend is the answer

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“Fear is the number one killer of your dreams and goals”

Fear is by far my favourite subject when it comes to human behaviour. Fear is the number one killer of dreams and goals. It strikes from deep within the brain, which most people don’t know because whenever they’re feeling fearful, they usually sense it in their chests or hands or mouths.

When you feel the natural fear response of the body, the Amygdala, a small gland in the middle of the brain release a lot of substances, with Adrenaline and Cortisol being the most important ones.

When that happens, your body starts preparing for the fight or flight response, because that’s how you can respond to a possible danger, by rather fighting the bear or by leaving the scene immediately.

No matter what response you choose, your body activates and you get heart palpitations, sweaty palms, dizziness, dry mouth, chest pains, all of the fun stuff that you get when you’re dealing with a dangerous situation.

Fear is normal, Panic is not

Remember, these are all normal symptoms when dealing with normal fear, but when these symptoms are very pronounced and last for longer than 3 minutes, you are dealing with what’s called a panic attack.

“FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real”

The good thing about panic attacks is that you can’t die from them. In fact, few people know that when you’re experiencing a panic attack, your body is functioning as well as when you’re doing sports. It’s your reaction to the symptoms that bring along the panic and fear that hurt you emotionally, not the symptoms themselves, which although unpleasant, are harmless.

What is the solution to eradicate fears? The only solution to overcome your fears is to confront them. There’s no way around them. All you have to do is go through them and you’ll see that almost 100% of the times, the Worst Case Scenario that you envisioned in your head will never come true.

Facing your fears

If you want to do something about your fears, do as Michelle Poler did. She embarked on a 100 days challenge to overcome some of her biggest fears. She jumped off an aeroplane, tried the spiciest foods that she could find, pet a tarantula, talk at a conference and other 96 crazy, terrifying things.

This is the life that I live, and in this life, I live, I have to face the little things that limit my life, I don’t think people can judge which are fears and which are not — Michelle Poler

Her story is motivating and inspiring and it surely changed my view over fear, by turning fear into a partner, not an enemy. When you realise that fear is nothing but a natural response and that it’s up to you to manage and not take the symptoms that accompany fear too seriously, that’s when you’ll grow into a healthier relationship with the thing that kept us humans away from extinction, from the beginnings of time, until the present day.

Please stand back, relax and watch the video until the end. It really is going to be the best thing that you’ll see online this week. And it’s only Monday!

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