18 Realistic “To-Do” Items For 2018

Day 1/365: Here goes nothing, but so much more at the same time…

These past 365 days have been a rollercoaster of ups, downs, laughs, cries, gains and losses, but mostly, I know 2017 has been the year of change and enlightenment for me. See how I used the word “know” instead of the ever-so-common “guess” or “think”? We’ll get to that later, don’t worry. I had so much debilitating joy, but also endured so much, I sometimes stop and wonder just how powerful the human, as an individual, can be.

I’ve been through the best and the worst this year, which means that from now on I’m only facing growth, nothing else. I am confident that I’ll get all of the items on the list bellow checked before the end of the year. Yes, this is an action plan, because, for each item, there’s a list of subactions that I’m going to take in order for them to become reality.

This is not a bucket list, wishlist or dares list, but something that’s about to become real, not something that I’d like to be happening to me. Without going into much details about everything, let me tell you my plans for the new year.

1. Write one article per day for a year

This is the biggest writing challenge of my life, because of its length. It’s hard enough to write one article every other day, or one article Monday to Friday, but to do it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY? That even sounds wrong. Nevertheless, I’m doing it, and I’m going to be doing it for one year, non-stop.

2. Move out of my parent’s house

Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll go ahead and find a place of my own while keeping the expenses to a minimum to afford the cost of living, but also to be able to travel for a little bit during the year.

3. Travel to at least 3 new countries

I want 2018 to be the year of challenges and new experiences, so I’m setting up a realistic travel goal for the next 12 months. I’ll visit the next three countries, hopefully, this year: Spain, Holland and Turkey.

4. Read one new book per month

I’m not going to read a lot this year because I have school and work and stuff, but I think one book per month, extra from the school reads, is a realistic goal to set. I’ll focus not only on self-help books, which are the norm now, but also fiction and other genres.

5. Get my Psychology degree and CBT Practitioner course done

Straightforward, I’ll finish my studies and get the degree and the course done by the end of the year, and then some more. I’ll keep you posted and, to be honest, a lot of the daily articles will be about psychology and how you can use what I’m learning to really improve your life.

6. Open my own business online

I’m already working on a business idea that is still unique in my country, so that should be a great thing to put on the interwebs once it’s done. It’s hard work, really hard work, it involves everything I know about the internet, journalism, psychology, promotion, microphones and video editing, but I’m loving it so far, so I’m sure I’ll get it done.

7. Earn at least 1000 USD per month by September

Where I live, if you earn that much money in one month, you can live in any city in the country and still afford to travel and go out for drinks. This is a tricky goal and it involves a lot of variables, but I can definitely make it a reality if I put in the work that I set myself up for doing.

8. Sell everything that I don’t use

I have tons of books, clothes, gadgets and other stuff that just suffocates my room and that’s something I discovered I’m not a fan of. I’ll start putting up this stuff for sale online in bunches, so that I’ll be able to handle shipping and all the fun business of online selling.

9. Face my biggest fears, one at the time

I’m done with hiding under my blanket. This year, I’ll jump off an aeroplane if I’ll get the chance. Literally. What I’m saying by “facing all my biggest fears, one at the time” is more like “saying Yes to the things I’d usually say No for sure if you’d ask me to do them now”. Let the fun and fear begin!

10. Buy a treadmill and use it daily

This is a must. I am doing so good with jogging right now, although I’ve indulged in a lot of cheesecake and sausages during the holidays, yet with the unstable weather, the best investment is a treadmill for my exercise. I can use it whenever I want, as much as I want, without driving to the gym, without having to face the freezing cold. Perfect.

11. No social media before breakfast and after 10 PM

This is going to be a hard one. I’ll set up a new routine. I’ll wake up, freshen up, then go for coffee before breakfast. By the time I’m back home to have my eggs and toast, it could be already 11 AM. Setting up a goal to not open the internet before that can be tricky, but I’ll give it a solid go. Cutting the internet after 10 PM, two hours before bed is also going to be a rough one, but I find it to be easier to do for some reason.

12. Visit one new place in my country every two months

I’ve already agreed with my family that we’re going to do this in 2018. They’re all excited about it thus far, and I hope they’ll stay the same when the time comes to actually do it. I live in an amazing country and it’s a shame that I’ve seen roughly 20% of it until now.

13. Spend more time with my family

I want to invest more quality time with my mom, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins and so on. Dinners, overnight stays, games, trips, everything that involves socialising and having a good time around each other.

14. Eat more good food, less take-out

I love cooking, which makes this goal an “easy-peasy” one for me. I really don’t have so many good restaurants in town, so that makes this goal even easier. I love picking up fresh produce from the market and transform it into something delicious. Take-out? Maybe on Saturdays…

15. Spend two weeks in Italy, riding the train

I want this so bad, you have no idea! I know there’s the goal with the three countries to be visited and so on, but riding a train in Italy… that is the dream!

16. Publish my novel online

If you’ve read some of my stuff here on Medium, you might be familiar with this article. Well, unfortunately, because 2017 was full of surprises, I’m still not done with editing and, of course, publishing my book. 2018, you must make this a reality.

17. Limit my social media intake to a minimum

I don’t really use Facebook that much, now that I think about it. I’m scrolling down through a maximum of 10 posts at the time and then I get bored and I’m out. But the notifications… that’s the problem right there! I’ll make some more adjustments to my phone, so that those notifications that make it through are important and deserve my attention.

18. Laugh more

Smile More, I need one of those Smile More bracelets. I’ll get one. In fact, to make this list a little more easy, I’ve just placed my order for one. I’ll also watch one comedy movie per day, for the next eternity. It’s just something that I’ve learned in my CBT course, having to do with reconditioning the brain through laughing and being happy. It really works, I’ve tried it on myself for a month and it rocks!

Before you go…

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