3 Fiction Books That Are Better Than Any Self-Help or Guru-Style Non-Fiction Crap

Day 97/365: Be careful what you read for…

I am seriously done with self-help books. Tips and tricks on how to boost your focus, raise your awareness, motivate yourself and the ones around you. 7 habits you should consider if you’re down. 10 tips on how to meditate while under a lot of stress. 101 explanations of why you fail at business.

The truth is, the only reason why these books are “successful” is that they had a big marketing budget, probably a lot bigger than the actual budget for researching and writing them. In reality, the authors are no experts, no guru’s and have no authority to tell you how to live your life.

I’ve recently finished reading 3 fiction books that, in my opinion, have more life lessons and quotes and motivational passages in them than all of the available and bestselling self-help books that people so much love to quote here on Medium. And they are 100% fictional and fun to read.

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

This has quickly become one of my favourite books ever. It has some of the best life lessons any book can have, following the journey of young Siddhartha into manhood, parenthood and eventually old age. It’s a short, fun read but it does have the power to change your life. And it only costs $0.5 for the Kindle version!

Heechee Saga by Frederik Pohl

There are 6 books in what is one of the best Science Fiction stories ever told. Why would someone recommend an SF series for motivation and self-help? Because this is more than just another SF book series. It takes you beyond the aliens, the forbidden planets and everything else. More importantly, this is a universal journey in the spiritual and the material worlds altogether.

Turtles all the way down by John Green

What an amazing book! I never read any of Green’s previous books, but this last one of his really turned on my interest for his writing. This book talks everything about mental issues, which are unfortunately so common in our days. As I’m a Psychology student myself, I found the book to be an incredibly realistic tale about what’s it like to live with mental illness.

The book is eye-opening for anyone who never had to deal with anxiety or depression, but also reassuring to those who are, making them a little less stress about their monkey brains while they have a little fun reading about the struggles of the characters.

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