3 reasons why I’d move to Thessaloniki

Probably the best sunset of my life thus far!

Out of all the mid-touristy cities that I’ve visited so far, excluding the capitals, I have to admit that Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is the one that I’d choose to live in if I could, starting tomorrow. With no hesitation!

I only spent one night there, during my Macedonia and Greece trip in October, yet somehow I got so attached to this city, that If I’ll ever become the travel nomad that I want to, I’ll definitely choose Thessaloniki as my home away from home for at least a year.


The young vibe

Thessaloniki is a big city, but a huge part of its population is made of young adults. Throughout the city, I’ve seen nothing but teenagers and young families, enjoying the seafront, playing in the small squares, eating seafood or drinking beer at the terraces. Enjoying life!

I’ve fallen in a second for this young vibe, because it just made me forget about my problems. I usually forget about my struggles when travelling, but this time, it just felt right being there. I felt safe, happy, and peaceful. It felt like I was a local already. It’s complicated, but for me, it was so simple.

Aristotle statue in the middle of the central square, a magnet for tourists from all corners of the globe

The food and drinks

If Athens was somewhat of a disappointment when it comes to food, with overpriced seafood and still-cold-in-the-middle moussaka, Thessaloniki just blew my taste buds away. Granted, we only had one dinner there, but it was the right stuff. We didn’t even went on TripAdvisor to do our homework. We just sat down at a restaurant and it worked out beautifully.

The prices were also right, at about half the ones of Athens. The food was prepared to order, perfectly seasoned and delicious. I remember having a deep fried prawns basket for 7.8 Euros, with a side of home made fries for 4 Euros (they were cut in house and fried in olive oil, which gave them an unique taste) and drinks for under 3 Euros a pop. Perfect!

The seafront

I live in a small town in Romania, which is not even close to an inspirational city. It’s often boring, with nothing happening for weeks on end. I mean, not even a concert or a play. Nothing. Now that I think about it, that might be one of the reasons why I need to travel so much. It just makes me happy seeing new places and, more importantly, being away from my little boring home town.

I love my home and my city, but I love being away from them even more.

In Thessaloniki, there’s inspiration and things happening everywhere, all the time. One of the biggest pluses that this city has is its seafront. It stretches about 4 kilometres in length, and you can run, walk or bike on it. Be careful! There are no safety bars between you and the sea, so run/walk/bike with caution. To keep it on point, if I were to live in Thessaloniki, I’d most probably start running and transform into a skinny model in less than 3 months!


Thessaloniki is beautiful, not only because of its young vibe, but also as a cultural city. With so much amazing history, you can easily spend weeks just exploring its past. You’ll love the wind, the kids playing football near the main church, the smell of the sea and the crowds of tourists and locals, perfectly combined into a chaotic order. You’ll never forget the sunrise or the sunset, if you are lucky enough to witness both of them.

That’s about it! Which city would you like to move in tomorrow and why? Don’t forget to check out my Thessaloniki travel blog below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more travel and food videos!

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